Oilfield Demolition, Teardown and Scrap Removal

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Our Work

Specializing in the demolition and dismantling of both gas and oil plants.

Our Equipment

A wide variety of machines custom rigged for small and large demolitions.


Recent dismantling and demolition projects

Specialists in gas and oil plant demolition and dismantling

Heavy Metal Demolition specializes in the demolition and dismantling of both gas plants and oil plants. We conduct the fast and efficient teardown and removal of contaminated buildings and components, compromised structures in emergency situations, process equipment tanks and piping.

We offer selected reinforced content, structural steel, wall and flooring removal in addition to train derailment clean up operations.
Heavy Metal Demolition services customers all across North America.

  • Heavy Metal Demolition Ltd.
    5802 60th Avenue,
    Taber, Alberta
    T1G 1Z1

    T: 403 634 2577
    F: 403 223 5037